About Us


Get a safe, reliable ride in Southern California with the RideYellow app. Simply use your phone to request a ride from a nearby car, or schedule a ride for later. You’ll be picked up in minutes and receive live updates from your experienced driver. Pay automatically with your stored credit card and receive an emailed receipt or pay in the cab. We strive to be your safest, most reliable transportation option so you can enjoy your ride. We get you moving faster.

How We’re Different:

  • Fully Insured
  • Local Knowledge
  • Dependable Pricing
  • Background Checked
  • Experienced Local Drivers
  • Schedule A Ride For Now Or Later
  • Flexible Payment (Pay With Cash or On Your Phone)

Download the app and complete your profile using a credit card to automatically pay your fare. Just hop out and enjoy your day.

See if RideYellow is available in your city at http://www.rideyellow.com/cities

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Have a question? Contact us at support@rideyellow.com

Our team is made up of professional programmers, strategists, technologists, and customer service representatives. We answer every call, respond to every email, and even have a lost and found. Committed to innovation, sustainability, and professionalism, our team strives to do more for our customers every day.